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Make music with Big Time Rush games

New Game: Big Time Rush Stage Rush

Big Time Rush is a boy band in which four friends are extremely popular. Everywhere they go they are being chased by screaming girls. It is a series that follow daily on Nickelodeon. In the episodes of Big Time Rush is to hear a lot of music, and that music is also reflected in the Big Time Rush games. Big Time Rush games are immensely popular with girls, although there are also male fans will be. This site has collected the games on this cool boyband, and you can also play them now.

Make music, or dodge groupies

Every boyband are affected; groupies. Groups pushy fans who follow them during all their concerts on foot and they should really drop the sweetest pain. If boyband course you want most in such groupies off the neighborhood remain, and that is just one of the games that you will find with us. In addition, you will find also games in which you just going to make your own music. Control the band members and have them all work at the right time. Is your concert worthwhile, or is dismayed? You have to hand it all themselves. In addition, you can also do a make over where you dressing the members of Big Time Rush, and provide them with new cool accessories.

Controlling the game

Big Time Rush games show operate reasonably easy. You control them with your keyboard or your computer. You get constant instructions about the actions you need to perform to your well to steer through the game. This makes playing the games good for both beginners and advanced players.

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