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The world-famous puzzle game Bejeweled

New Game: Jewels Classic

Welcome to our online collection of Bejeweled games. We have the largest collection of Bejeweled games from the entire internet! Bejeweled Blitz and all versions 1, 2 and 3 can be found here. The goal of Bejeweled is to make as many combinations of the same color gemstones and jewels. Try to reach the minimum level score by road games of the gems. This puzzle game developed by PopCap and is also known by Zylom, iPhone, iPad and Android. This is also similar to the famous King game Candy Crush, only with sweets. Many puzzle fun and try to get as far as possible!

It's raining diamonds!

This game is a thinking game for everyone! Twist and turn the various gemstones to create a row of three identical items. That way you play them away and try to make as many correct combinations. Bejeweled is a game that has often been downloaded, it is one of the classic games that you could play all of the first computers. On this page we collect a wide range of Bejeweled versions and play here all for free! These online games come in all shapes and sizes. So you can choose an animal, fruit, smiley version or any of the many other variants.

Jewels and vegetables

This game you can play in different ways: you can do a race against the clock, and make as many combinations. Sometimes they call this game a time rush. You can also go for the action mode and then you try to play within the given time, enough gems road to progress a level. Play here Bejeweled 1, 2 or 3 or go for a creative variant as Pirates Necklace, Gems or Give Me Candy Slicer. Lots of fun!

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