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Storks, an adventure film

New Game: Storks Puzzle

What do storks when they do babies need to deliver? correct; then they turn into a transportation company should deliver some packages. The stork in Storks, Junior, is employed by the company, an Internet company that sends packages worldwide. Junior However, some careless in the production and in an unguarded moment, he still pressed the button on the machine where babies are made. The result is a touching baby girl, where Junior obviously pretty note is in his stomach. Now what if the boss finds out that he has been on the wrong machine? There is no alternative; Junior will the baby girl have to deliver something. Aided by his girlfriend Tulip, the only man Storks Mountain, he looks for a place to deliver this baby girl. There follows a long journey with an extensive search. Junior succeeds happy to deliver the baby girl and he knows how to reinstate the storks the original work again; the delivery of babies.

The game Storks

The game Storks naturally turns to the search for the place where the baby girl to be delivered. Stork with Junior, and girlfriend Tulip, you go looking for a loving home for this little bundle of joy. Storks in that search provides the necessary challenges, and in the game Storks is therefore done a decent job on your skills.

Playing Storks

When you play will be done a decent job the game Storks on your practical skills. Agility is quite important when playing Storks and it is therefore important that you play when playing the appropriate keys on your keyboard or buttons on your mouse. You will receive information during the game on your screen over the keyboard or mouse buttons which you should press to play the game and complete your mission successfully.

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