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Captain Underpants, the ultimate superhero

New Game: Captain Underpants And The Big Bad Battle Of The Bionic Booger Boy

You will all agree with; you are busy with a project, and for some terrible reason this project is greatly out of hand. This is the case with two teenagers in high school. We are talking about George Beard and Harold Hutchins. They study the art of hypnotizing and after they have practiced a bit alike go in search of another victim. They come from the director of their school, Mr. Krupp. Mr. Krupp is hypnotized and to their horror he gets real superhero powers. He also gets a superhero name, named after his special superhero costume. We are talking about the great Captain Underpants.

Captain underpants the movie

Captain Underpants is up in the games named after him against some opponents with the most beautiful names. Think of Sir Stinksalot and Tippy Tinkletrousers. With his superhero powers, dressed in his underpants, Captain Underpants go into battle with these opponents. His purpose; First the school, the town, and then save the world from these nefarious types. You defeat every opponent with the secret weapons superhero Captain Underpants. This provides the necessary hilarity as the superhero powers of the protagonist of the series well not really unsurpassed. There's often something wrong, which makes for funny situations.

Captain Underpants games

When you start playing these games you can mingle with the school or the city. Advancing and operating the secret weapons of Captain Underpants requires a fair amount of game you qualities. If you currently do not have, that's no problem. You play this game with a keyboard or a mouse. During the game you always get to see your picture which key to press or mouse which you must operate to progress in this game. This ensures that playing this hilarious games are for experienced and less experienced computer games fans.

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