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Regular Show games, you play through your day

New Game: Regular Show: Park Under Siege

Regular Show is not only a fun, humorous television series, but it also has all kinds of fun games. With this Regular Show game, you can longer enjoy your favorite series. Play hours of super fun single-player games or get someone to join a multiplayer game. So gives you as Rigby and Mordecai the best out of your day, and skip your boredom. Moreover, you like this test your gaming skills effectively and get you even more about this great television.

A fun show for all ages

A very popular television series from 2010 Regular Show. In this series of Cartoon Network you get acquainted with a raccoon named Rigby and a blue jay named Mordecai, who work together as a field assistant at a park. Together, they always try to evade their chores to do other, more pleasant things. They do everything to make their day less boring. This usually leads to the strangest situations, they can often solve with difficulty. During their attempts to neglect their work, they often come into contact with the other characters: Muscle Man, Skips, Thomas, Eileen, Pops, Margaret, Hi-Five Ghost, CJ and Benson.

Countless options for everyone

Regular Show games, there are more than enough. Play arcade games, racing as hard as you can, you'll discover musical talents, fight your way to the top and keep a true paintball war to see who is the best. Dance the stars of heaven, do a personality test, park a golf cart, knit a sweater and take on ghosts. In short: Experience an endless series of exciting adventures that you sucked into the lives of Rigby and Mordecai.

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