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Popeye The Saylorman

New Game: Popeyes Spinazi Tortellini

Many generations have grown up with our gay friend, the sailor Popeye. Flanked by the always charming Olive and opposed by the evil Brutus. Together with the adventurous baby pea they go out to rescue Olive from the hands of Brutus. After endless hours of fun cartoons and even a real movie on the big screen was waiting for Popeye games, and there finally. You may be quite fun when you take on the role of Popeye to play these games while you meet Brutus and have as a mission to rescue Olive pirates out of his rough hands.

Popeye the film

Popeye games have almost all the same theme. Olive, Popeye's girlfriend is kidnapped by Brutus, and they must naturally be rescued as soon as possible. You moves you in a Donkey Kong-like environment or in a game world where you have to go looking for Olive. You get your energy naturally, just like the real Popeye, by eating as many cans of spinach. Your goal is to go as much as possible to defeat enemies and find spinach, and thus collect as many points. The bonus is obviously liberating Olive.

Popeye The Saylorman games

Popeye playing games is not really very complicated. You'll have to reciprocate by a number of worlds to come Olive after Brutus has kidnapped her harshly. You move through the playfield around with your keyboard or mouse. You do beforehand to read not long instructions; you see while playing on your screen what you need to do to move through the field. This allows the Popeye games are fun for experienced and less experienced gamers.

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