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Shoot the Angry Birds slingshot with you through the levels

New Game: Angry Flappy Wings

Angry Birds is the world's most downloaded game app. A highly successful iPhone, iPad and Android game created by Rovio. Shoot those evil birds against green pigs and let their buildings collapse. Collect the golden eggs to unlock bonus levels. You can find all Angybirds games free online games without downloading. Press so fast play.

​​Crush the pigs!

There are many different levels to find in this game, and the goal is to get out of the playing field all the pigs. The more structures and bonus points you collect, the more stars you earn for each level. This cartoon is super fun! So you end up in caves, in space or in Rio with the Angry Birds. On this website we have put a lot of games online which you simply can play for free on your PC.

​​Strange birds

Besides the funny pigs there are also many different birds that you should try to reach the next level. Besides the familiar red birds you can also thick black, turn yellow or blue triangular additional birdies in the catapult and as hard as possible to send off the pigs. Some explode, others fly pruning hard and that way you can determine the best tactic to take revenge on the Pigglets. If you got your sometimes see a cool cartoon which offered a movie or bonus rounds a number of levels. We have this very greatest games a huge selection of Angry Birds games selected for you! Choose your favorite landscape or story and play the game of all! No fuss with downloading an app, no,, or here you can start playing immediately! Have fun with these games!

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