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Most popular wanderer of the Internet: Hobo

New Game: Hobo Vs Zombies

Hobo is a vagabond my own set of games. This famous wanderer has no manners he spits, puking and peeing on the street and over his enemies go. You should be in this range fighting games Hobo help with the dangerous life on the streets. Each day starts from the landfill, it will wake you up early in the morning for a full day to survive on the streets again, sometimes it seems like hell. You have to keep fighting to stay out of the hands of police and soldiers.

​​Hobo in jail

Hobo is locked up in jail and gets into a fight with anyone. Can you help with his defense. All means are justified! Try eventually escape from this prison, so that you can go back on the street. The guards and agents of this prison is not just surrender, you have to come from good homes. Pak also take a beer bottle or a bat to hit the headlines. When you finally get to the exit, you should try to run away as quickly as possible.

Fighting in the street

Hobo is often at loggerheads with anyone who bothers him on the street. He is a real fighter and he uses any object as a weapon, such as bins, beer bottles, fences and its own excrement. Go on the attack against the police, soldiers, aliens, and other innocent people. Everyone must believe it! In this game you can really let go of everything and everyone on the street are no rules. Other popular titles in the Total War series of games are and Space Brawls, in these games you have to help the popular wanderer. Sometimes the game is quite dirty and throw because you can piss on your opponents and defecate, bah!

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