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The Lego Batman, build and play together

New Game: LEGO Batman: Bat Snaps

Building with Lego, who has not grown up with it? The usual themes Lego used to work with like Lego City and Lego Friends is also enhanced with a number of superhero themes. One of those topics is The Lego Batman. This theme is all about Batman, but of course for a Batman guards the city from its own special Batmobile. From his Batmobile he is up against the known opponents that you so often encounters in the real Batman films. You meet in the Lego theme also the Lego Joker. This is the dreaded adversary of The Lego Batman.

Movie: The Lego Batman

These funny variant was released Batman movie at a given moment which proved extremely popular. It was therefore to be expected that a series of Lego Batman games would be released. Gotham City is in danger and threatened by the many opponents of Batman. This exciting The Lego Batman games can also now find us. You get into the skin of Lego Batman and moves you through Gotham City to keep the streets safe. This guarantees several hours of tension and humor at the same time, as a whole decor of Lego pieces, of course, what has been built is a nice picture when it explodes.

The Lego Batman games

When playing these fun games you can mingle mainly in your Batmobile. You race them through the streets of Gotham City back, as well as fly around and race on fast engines. It's just what's at hand at that time. You operate this funny version of Batman on your keyboard or computer mouse. What keys you need to press to keep Gotham City safe, or whatever your mouse to operate is explained to you while you play this fun game. This makes these fun Batman games suitable for both large and small Lego fanatics.

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