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Venture into the world of Slugterra

New Game: Slugterra: Guerra Das Lesmas

Thanks to the popularity of this exciting series Slugterra are also Slugterra games very popular. In these games you can compete against your enemies, you can beat other players in the slug-slinging and solve the most difficult puzzles. You can search for slugs between a multitude of slugs or you go in dark mines to accomplish missions.

The story

Have you ever heard of Slugterra? Probably. Indeed, it is a Canadian television series that is also very popular worldwide. Here the successful show airs on Disney XD. Since 2012 makes it great episodes full of excitement and adventure. These episodes follow Eli Shane, a fifteen year old boy who wants to beat anyone in a sport that is popular in Slugterra, the city in which he lives: slug-slinging. It Eli would even beat his father, who was champion in slug-slinging. With Ponto, Trixie, Kord Burpie and he takes up the challenge and he wins a large number of slugs that he can use later when new contests. After each workout and after each challenge these slugs he trains so he is getting better and better. Eli also has a sworn enemy: Dr. Thaddius Blakk. These malicious slug sling and his ghoul slugs trying at all times to stop Eli.

Eli is looking for a brave hero

Look at the many games which Slugterra slugs from the series you encounter and recognize and broaden your knowledge about the different types of slugs and forces are all there. Test your math skills in the most fun brain teasers. Take on your enemies and win races. Learn hey you slugs training into powerful creatures, and how you can beat your opponents in a duel. So get the slug-slinging champion Slugterra.

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