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The best of Marvel in The Avengers Games

New Game: Spider Swing Manhattan

Marvel is the origin of all superhero films. They have the superhero, as it were invented and gave him a place on the silver screen. You will find all of your favorite superheroes back in The Avengers games. Take control of your personal favorite, Captain America, or dive into the suit of the Iron Man. You would probably rather wanted to feel the Hulk, or take in hand the hammer of Thor; in these games, the choice is entirely yours. You choose your personal favorite and fight from that position you evil what New York City continuous threat. The rest of the team of The Avengers is you aside.

Play always with other superpowers

The superheroes of The Avengers have their own super powers. This means that you will not get bored quickly on The Avengers games. Become The Hulk, green, monstrously big and strong, whether you are just prefer Thor defends the world with a hammer. You'll find the largest selection of The Avengers games, and there are on this page regularly with new games which you will never get bored.

Tough action as a team

In games of The Avengers never play alone; you always fights evil as a team. And you do as befits The Avengers; you do running, climbing, jumping, skipping, but also flying. Everyone's super powers are used to save New York City from evil. Your enemy consists of aliens and robots, all with extraterrestrial evil forces. Every enemy must be fought in its own way. How that will tell you during the game. You control The Avengers games with your mouse. During the game itself will explain you how to play the game. Defeat opponents and collect the most points.

Protect the Earth with these superheroes!

Here is a very cool game, not for PS4 or PS3 game, but simply online! Come play games known for a show: The Avengers. This is the name of a superhero team. Feel now part of that group in a LEGO game! Free online game you can play here! The members of the avengers alliance are: The Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America and Thor. All heroes who have become known for the comic series Marvel Comics. These cartoons are all self superheroes who want to defend the world from all kinds of dangers. In 2012 they were seeing for the first time in the cinema as an alliance either team. And they fight together against their enemies. New York City is attacked by an alien army that wants to conquer the Earth. Especially for this attack are Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and The Hulk together to fight against the army and protect the earth. Keep rockets to jump from building to building or go fight in the street with the soldiers of the alien army. Can you protect the globe from evil? Learn here the hottest action and fighting methods of a superhero! We wish you lots of fun with this online action game.

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