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Exciting adventure GI Joe games

New Game: GI Joe Dive

Did you know there are Gi Joe action figure, a lot of different games? Especially most guys most of these games will find very nice. There are games where you are a pilot, diver, soldier and more. You must defeat example ninjas in this game, drive a tank, fly a helicopter or airplane, must sail on a jet ski or to dive. Which of the GI Joe games seem to you the coolest to do it again? The possibilities are endless.

The most adventurous action figures

Got home GI Joe figures? Many children do not even know what GI Joe is right. Indeed, it is a men doll those many years ago, was first made in America. The doll could move his body, and looked very cool. As it had for example, sports or military uniform, was very muscular and had often weapons. The GI Joe came at the beginning in different versions: soldier, marine, doctor, pilot and sailor. Later, these species were added to all lines of various types of new GI Joe figures. These figures were actually one of the first action figures, and those figures figurines were popular among children. More and more types of action figures were therefore to be in the toy. Your action figures are therefore derived from the GI Joe figures.

Take the challenge

You can experience all kinds of exciting adventures with the many GI Joe games. Find the game you find the most exciting and the most fun to play, and enjoy an afternoon full of action, heroism and exciting missions. Defeat your enemies and practice until you win. Unlock all the levels until you have completed all missions. Customize your best combat tactics, and show how good your reaction. The better the game you get the hang of it, the more you'll win. Play the games or just do them with a friend, so you get the afternoon came without boredom.

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