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New Game: Moana Stunning Transformation

Do you know the latest Disney princess yet? After the famous princesses from Disney with the recently added princesses Anna and Elsa there is now a new princess added to the list. We appreciate you like to introduce Vaiana Wialiki. Vaiana was an adventurous teenager from New Zealand who has a great passion in her life; sailing. Vaiana has a family history. Her parents had a quest that they have never done. The mission of Vaiana is therefore simple; finish the quest.

Vaiana, most beautiful new princess

About Vaiana's been quite a few computer games made. You're in all these games on an adventure, and you get companionship in Maui. Maui is the great friend of Vaiana, who was raised by the gods. You understand that Vaiana and Maui together a strong duo. They sailed along the seas around New Zealand, and also the jungles you in New Zealand found that heaps are infested by this great group of friends. Do you goes all the way into the magical world of Vaiana. Have you just finished an adventure and you feel like a dress up game with Vaiana - she is after all a princess - then you'll be well enough to attract to this site. Put you prefer a puzzle; Also you can. True to this theme you can get your brain upside down once good.

Play Vaiana games

Playing with Vaiana guarantees many hours of fun. One game is obviously just to operate easier than the other game, but the explanations always appears on your screen. You control the games surrounding this fairytale theme with your keyboard or your mouse. Which mouse function you should use, or which key should be pressed all the screen appears to guide you through the game.

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