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Ma vie de Courgette, power of friendship

New Game: My Life As A Courgette

From the Cannes Film Festival, the film Ma vie de courgette. It is a film about a boy who comes from a family with an alcoholic mother. She named the boy Zucchini. Over time dies the mother of zucchini, and the boy ends up in an orphanage; his life is mostly broken dreams. Along with the other children in the orphanage he learns what camaraderie and friendship. Together they learn how to make something of their lives. They learn the power of friendship and love, and they also learn the value of trust.

Ma vie de Courgette nice kids

About the film Ma vie Zucchini has released a number of games. These games are available in a number of species, but in all the games is the cooperation between the various characters in the film Ma vie Zucchini central. You have shared your goal with your friends from the orphanage, where everyone has their own share. It must be carried out assignments where you step into the shoes of the protagonist Zucchini. There are also fun puzzles about the topic Ma vie Zucchini which you must solve in different levels of difficulty on. This beautiful theme is therefore guarantees many hours of fun.

Ma vie de Zucchini games

Playing Ma vie Zucchini games gives you a few hours of entertainment. The games are not operating very complicated, but when specific tasks to be performed is part instruction anyway convenient. You control the game from Ma vie Zucchini with your keyboard or your mouse, and you get while playing to see which buttons you need to press to get ahead in this game. The instructions appear on your screen while you play so you do not have to worry that you get stuck during a game.

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