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New Game: Audrey

If you think Emojimovies to find a good movie, you will definitely enjoy the Emojimovie games. Make the adventure along through all kinds of adventures you can experience in your own home. Enjoy the many options and play as many different games Emojimovie. Then you will not get bored. Take the role of the various emojis and try to perform as well as possible in each game. Try always to beat your own score and see how far you can get.

Discover the adventure

In August 2017 Sony Pictures Animation comes with a new movie: Emojimovie: Express Yourself. This touching and funny film is about an emoji which not only can have one facial expression, just like any normal emoji, but that may have more of this. Therefore, this special emoji going to figure out how he can ensure that he as become like other emoji, and how he can have only one facial expression. The message that the film is already clear from the title: express yourself. The emoji also learns that he must go not sit there that he has more facial expressions than other emoji, and that he should embrace it correctly. Do you want to continue enjoying this beautiful adventure? Take a look between Emojimovie games.

Hours of enjoy

You can also reach out playing games? They can keep you so busy all day. If you do not pay attention, you have so spent all day playing games. This is because they are not only super fun to play, but also because there is so incredibly much of it. If you're tired of doing a certain game, so you can switch to a different kind of game. That is the very best in online games.

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