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Discover the world of Rayman

New Game: Rayman Origins

Have you ever played Rayman? Rayman is a real classic for the first time its head stuck in 1995, and since then has attracted millions of people to play this great platform game. You play as Rayman, a rabbit-like figure without arms, without legs, very hard and far can beat with his fists, and which can float on his hair and sliding. Are you curious about this classic? Play the Rayman games. They will not disappoint you, especially if you like platform games.

Know who your enemies

Use the clouds forces Globox, the fighting tactics of Barbara, the magical powers of Betilla Fairy or Ly the fairy's instructions Murfy and Teensies the fly rides of Bzzit and temporary employees of Tarayzan, Musician and Joe. Can you save the evil Mr. Dark provoke his candy castle and defeat him? Meet the special characters that you encounter, and you want to help sometimes. Also watch out, not everyone is your friend. Many creatures are out to stop you, and that you have to defeat or circumvent the Rayman games.

Give it a try

Do you want to experience the adventures of Rayman? They are more than worth it. You also need games of this classic actually have played at least once. Purely for the experience. Show off your skill and work your way through all your enemies in the Rayman games. Meet new special creatures and become their friend. They can be very important if you later get into trouble. See you in the world of Rayman.

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