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A sporting challenge with football games

New Game: Touchdown Rush

Do you also enjoyed the Rugby World Cup? This sport is only played by real tough guys. You dive regularly on your opponent to the ball cheat, and in addition it is your goal to score as quickly as possible points. Play the game Rugby tactical and become the new hero of the rugby field. You come against opponents who are trying in a vicious way of keeping you to score. Here comes your tactical insight also discussed. Some knowledge of the rules of Rugby is convenient, but is definitely not a requirement. Play football game a few times, and you know the play rugby like a pro.

Sport or rather streaking

You should not think when you see the football game; streaking and make it unsafe field in a risky way. However intervene during football games this games website you can chance. Go streaking across the field and try your own way to decide the game. Bring every enemy into confusion with your skills and tactics. You can select as many game options that you can safely hold a football marathon with your friends or alone.

The tough job

In football there are regular punch. In that respect you from behind your computer is still somewhat outside shot, but the fact does remain which you feel the adrenaline through your body associated with the football sport. You're on the football games in the middle of the game, and meet many opponents. Which of course you fight, with the click of your mouse. How to do that just to make clear to you during the game. One thing can be certain; Football games are the tough work; they are definitely not for the fainthearted. Tackle your opponents and make a touchdown! The football game we play not so much in the Netherlands. We know football as the most popular sport. There are many football games outside or gym. Do a workout here and just as good as the Orange Cup 2014. Instead of Fifa 16, you can shoot here practicing penalty with a huge suit and a helmet on your head. Because with rugby you should wear proper protection. Feel a tough athlete, while quietly eight denotes computer or tablet! Come here to play rugby! This has to be the sport where most of the beech are distributed on the field. Poki. So you have to be able to take a beating! Learn here how to tackle and get the tactics of the rugby game to master. Yet it is not just bash what you do in this sport. Also you need to run fast with the ball and allowed you sometimes shoot penalty. Here you can take a training course to make the perfect touchdown. On this page we have a very nice series of football games. Hopefully there is something for you in between. So you still have yet sporty, from your armchair. Learn here how to tackle and get the tactics of the rugby game to master. Lots of fun!

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