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Sing a song contest which knows only winners

New Game: Perfect Piano

The world as we know is inhabited by people, but there is also live a different world, where animals suspected of many human characteristics. There lives include a koala bear, Buster Moon. That koala has a theater which however is about to be closed. Buster obviously wants to do everything to prevent this, and therefore he is holding a talent show looking for new singing talent along with his friend Eddie sheep. The purpose of this talent has been raising money, and suddenly they are the center of attention in the city; everyone wants to participate.

Sing the Movie

You play the game Sing with the main characters along, which all want to win a spot on the podium. You play with the overworked pig Rosita and her German partner Bob grunting. In addition, the group consists of an arrogant and gambling white mouse who listens to the name Mike, a punk-rock porcupine to listen to the name Ash, an elephant who listens and an English gorilla to the name Meena; Johnny. The latter wants to sing the sweetest instead of his family chasing going on the criminal path. Can you manage to win the match?

Sing games

The Sing games are all gathered at our great website. You play the games primarily as an action game, but some games are designed to help you dressing the characters for their great performance. Operation of the game is fairly easy using your keyboard or your computer. You get at the time that is needed in image which keys to press to guide you through the game. This makes playing the Sing games for both large and small Sing fans.

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