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Bring your customers away with taxi

New Game: Uphill Rush 10

Drive a taxi through the big city such as New York. Bring customers safely to their destinations and earn a nice tip. We also have 3D racing games in this category. Show that you really are a good taxi driver!

Be also once a taxi driver

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to be a taxi driver? What it's like to have to pick up people and take them to their desired destination? It can be awfully difficult to always find exactly the right place where these people want to be dropped off. You must at the same time, ensure that your customers are satisfied, that brings the customers safely to their destination and that this destination also find another within a short time. In all these things you should look for taxi games. This can also be challenging. Are you up to the challenge?

The most addictive games

Taxi games can be very addictive. They are simple, yet fun enough to keep playing for a long time. The commands that you need from becoming easier conduct are often of what to difficult, so you have to be always one step higher to finish the level. This encourages you more to do the best possible. You'll also was not quickly. There are many different types of taxi games, so if you're sitting on one of the games, so you can switch to another taxi game. Moreover, there are often new ones, so you can continue to discover forever.

Also very useful

How good is your sense of direction? Games where you have to drive to train you in this. They encourage you to remember the path, so your memory also again be put to the test. Because you have to make the right moves to drive the right route in a decent way, you practice your coordination. Who says taxi games are completely useless, so wrong.

Do you like to play Taxi Games? We listed the best addicting games online! Play them for free on Have fun playing our Taxi Games collection!