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Bobo children's games

New Game: Bobo Puzzle Hut

Bobo is a blue rabbit out of a magazine for children. We have a whole series of children's cheerful games including Bobo in a cabin, treehouse, fithut, playhouse, muziekhut or like a real detective. We also have fun coloring in this category. These games are for toddlers and preschoolers. Have fun with this funny bunny!

Bobo's adventure for toddlers

This blue bunny makes many adventures, choose one of the adventures and have hours of fun with Bobo. Besides being a lot of fun to play these games, you can still learn something from it, because there are fun and educational games with numbers, letters and words. With this series of word games, you can learn to read and write better, this also goes up your vocabulary. Want to improve your spatial awareness choose one of the shapes or colors games. Or would you prefer to train your brains then play the Bobo Memory game, try as quickly as possible to find the same images, my fastest time was 2 minutes, you can improve this highscore?

Bobo Treehouse

Bobo Treehouse is the most popular game in this section. The treehouse is also known for videos on YouTube and the magazine (for group 1 and 2). All children's games played in this cabin are also instructive, even you some Bobo Playing games on your iPad. This rabbit has also nice nursery rhymes sung, which of these songs do you know? Let us know in the music quiz! Did you yourself sometimes built a tree house? I think now you've got sense to build your own cabin with your friends to experience your own adventures. However, you must always be careful when you get the tree climbs do not fall, you can hurt yourself another well.

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